David and Lisa Script

Script by:Eleanor Perry (Writer), Lloyd Kramer (Writer), Theodore Isaac Rubin (Writer), Theodore Isaac Rubin (Novel)
Directed by:Lloyd Kramer

Plot:It was adapted as a stage play in 1967, and was remade as a television movie in 1998 starring Lukas Haas, Sidney Poitier and Brittany Murphy.

The Day Time Ended Script

Script by:Wayne Schmidt (Screenplay), J. Larry Carroll (Screenplay), David Schmoeller (Screenplay)
Directed by:John 'Bud' Carlos

Plot:A small family relocates to the Sonoran Desert, to be closer to the grandparents of the family. Though there are news reports of a spectacular triple supernova, and the young granddaughter has seen a glowing alien construction behind the barn, the family is at ease until, one night, a UFO soars over head and appears to land in the nearby hills. Apparently, the triple supernova has opened a rift in space and time.

Dead On Script

Directed by:Ralph Hemecker

Plot:In an erotic update of "Strangers on a Train", airline pilot Ted Beaumont and his lover, Erin Davenport, scheme to rid themselves of their respective spouses. Ted's wife disappears mysteriously and thinking that all is proceeding well, he plans an elaborate scheme to kill Erin's husband. However all is not as it seems.

Dead Weekend Script

Script by:Joel Rose (Screenplay)
Directed by:Amos Poe

Plot:Set in the "not-too distant future", martial law has been declared in The City in leu of a looming earthquake. However, the earthquake is merely a ruse, a story fed to the public so the TWF (True World Forces) can capture an alien spotted over the city some few days earlier. A TWF agent runs into the alien (a *hottie* who can change her appearance, while always remaining - of course - a hottie), and the two go off and, um, compare their respective physiology (yeah, that's it).

Deadly Blessing Script

Script by:Glenn M. Benest (Screenplay), Matthew Barr (Screenplay), Wes Craven (Screenplay), Glenn M. Benest (Story), Matthew Barr (Story)
Directed by:Wes Craven

Plot:After her husband dies of mysterious circumstances, a widow becomes increasingly paranoid of the neighboring religious community that may have diabolical plans for her.

Deadly Friend Script

Script by:Diana Henstell (Novel), Bruce Joel Rubin (Screenplay)
Directed by:Wes Craven

Plot:Paul is a new kid in town with a robot named "BB". He befriends Samantha and the three of them have a lot of good times together. That is, until Samantha's abusive father throws her down some stairs and kills her. In an effort to save her life, Paul implants BB's computer brain into Samantha's human brain.

Death in Venice Script

Script by:Luchino Visconti (Screenplay), Nicola Badalucco (Screenplay), Thomas Mann (Novel)
Directed by:Luchino Visconti

Plot:Composer Gustav von Aschenbach, travels to Venice for health reasons. There, he becomes obsessed with the stunning beauty of an adolescent Polish boy named Tadzio who is staying with his family at the same Grand Hôtel des Bains on the Lido as Aschenbach.

Death Ring Script


Plot:Ex-Green Beret Matt Collins is kidnapped along with his fiancée, Lauren Sadler, by crazed hunter extraordinaire Danton Vachs. Every year he holds a contest where people can purchase the right to hunt down and kill a human being. This time, Collins is to be the hunted. Vachs uses Lauren as motivation for Collins to really fight to survive and thus provide the buyers with a truly exceptional hunt. Collins is turned loose on an uncharted island and four killers set out to find and kill him.

The Devil’s in Love Script

Script by:Harry Hervey (Writer), Howard Estabrook (Writer)
Directed by:William Dieterle

Plot:The French Foreign Legion is the setting for this episodic adventure yarn. Victor Jory plays a Legion doctor falsely accused of murdering his commander over the love of Loretta Young. Jory escapes prosecution by heading for parts unknown, but when a deadly illness strikes his old fort, he returns to aid his comrades. He is arrested, but clears himself of the murder charge and ends up with Young. Devil's in Love is distinguished by the surprise appearance of Bela Lugosi, who shows up unbilled as a relentless prosecuting attorney in the courtroom scenes.

Digital Man Script

Script by:Phillip J. Roth (Writer)
Directed by:Phillip J. Roth

Plot:An out-of-control robot is inadvertently set loose in a small community, and a crack squad of soldiers are sent to hunt it down. Gradually, the members of the squad begin to suspect that some of them are robots.