Airport ’77 Script

Script by:Arthur Hailey (Novel), Michael Scheff (Screenplay), David Spector (Screenplay), H.A.L. Craig (Screenplay)
Directed by:Jerry Jameson

Plot:Flight 23 has crashed in the Bermuda Triangle while taking VIPs and valuable art to Philip Stevens new museum. But when hijackers take off the plane and knock everyone out with sleeping gas the plane crashes in the sea. The passengers survive but a small hole at the front is flooding the plane and 2 daring rescues must be put into action because everyone is trapped 200 feet underwater.

Airport ’79 – The Concorde Script

Script by:Arthur Hailey (Author), Jennings Lang (Writer), Jennings Lang (Screenplay), Arthur Hailey (Screenplay), Eric Roth (Screenplay)
Directed by:David Lowell Rich

Plot:The last of the 'Airport' series again stars George Kennedy as aviation disaster-prone Joe Patroni, this time having to contend with nuclear missiles, the French Air Force and the threat of the plane splitting in two over the Alps!

Airport 1975 Script

Script by:Don Ingalls (Writer), Don Ingalls (Screenplay), Arthur Hailey (Screenplay)
Directed by:Jack Smight

Plot:"Something hit us...the crew is us, please, please help us!" With these terrifying words, 22 of Hollywood's greatest stars find themselves aboard a pilotless jumbo jet headed on a collision course with destruction in the nerve chilling sequel to the greatest disaster movie ever made.

Airplane! Script

Script by:Jim Abrahams (Author), David Zucker (Author), Jerry Zucker (Author), Arthur Hailey (Teleplay)
Directed by:Jim Abrahams, David Zucker, Jerry Zucker

Plot:Alcoholic pilot, Ted Striker has developed a fear of flying due to wartime trauma, but nevertheless boards a passenger jet in an attempt to woo back his stewardess girlfriend. Food poisoning decimates the passengers and crew, leaving it up to Striker to land the plane with the help of a glue-sniffing air traffic controller and Striker's vengeful former Air Force captain, who must both talk him down.