Return To Paradise (1998) Script

Script by:Wesley Strick (Screenplay), Bruce Robinson (Screenplay), Pierre Jolivet (Novel)
Directed by:Joseph Ruben

Plot:Lewis, Sheriff and Tony are three friends vacationing in Malaysia. Sheriff and Tony eventually leave to pursue careers in New York, but Lewis stays behind to work with orangutans. Two years later, Sheriff and Tony learn that, because of their past actions, Lewis has been arrested for drug possession. With Lewis facing a death sentence, the friends are left with a difficult decision: return to Malaysia and split Lewis' sentence, or let him die.

Jennifer 8 Script

Script by:Bruce Robinson (Screenplay)
Directed by:Bruce Robinson

Plot:A big city cop from LA moves to a small town police force and immediately finds himself investigating a murder. Using theories rejected by his colleagues, the cop, John Berlin, meets a young blind woman named Helena, who he is attracted to. Meanwhile, a serial killer is on the loose and only John knows it.