The Devil’s in Love Script

Script by:Harry Hervey (Writer), Howard Estabrook (Writer)
Directed by:William Dieterle

Plot:The French Foreign Legion is the setting for this episodic adventure yarn. Victor Jory plays a Legion doctor falsely accused of murdering his commander over the love of Loretta Young. Jory escapes prosecution by heading for parts unknown, but when a deadly illness strikes his old fort, he returns to aid his comrades. He is arrested, but clears himself of the murder charge and ends up with Young. Devil's in Love is distinguished by the surprise appearance of Bela Lugosi, who shows up unbilled as a relentless prosecuting attorney in the courtroom scenes.

The Masquerader Script

Script by:Moss Hart (Dialogue), Howard Estabrook (Screenplay), John Hunter Booth (Theatre Play), Katherine Cecil Thurston (Novel)
Directed by:Richard Wallace

Plot:A drug-addicted member of Parliament needs to take time off and secretly pull his life together, so he gets his lookalike cousin (both played by Ronald Colman) to agree to temporarily assume his identity.