Predator 2 Script

Script by:Jim Thomas (Author), John Thomas (Author)
Directed by:Stephen Hopkins

Plot:Ten years after a band of mercenaries first battled a vicious alien, the invisible creature from another world has returned to Earth—and this time, it’s drawn to the gang-ruled and ravaged city of Los Angeles. When it starts murdering drug dealers, detective-lieutenant Mike Harrigan and his police force set out to capture the creature, ignoring warnings from a mysterious government agent to stay away.

Predator Script

Script by:Jim Thomas (Author), John Thomas (Author)
Directed by:John McTiernan

Plot:Dutch and his group of commandos are hired by the CIA to rescue downed airmen from guerillas in a Central American jungle. The mission goes well but as they return they find that something is hunting them. Nearly invisible, it blends in with the forest, taking trophies from the bodies of its victims as it goes along. Occasionally seeing through its eyes, the audience sees it is an intelligent alien hunter, hunting them for sport, killing them off one at a time.

Mission to Mars Script

Script by:Jim Thomas (Screenplay), John Thomas (Screenplay), Graham Yost (Screenplay), Lowell Cannon (Story), Jim Thomas (Story), John Thomas (Story)
Directed by:Brian De Palma

Plot:When contact is lost with the crew of the first Mars expedition, a rescue mission is launched to discover their fate.