Extract Script

Script by:Mike Judge (Screenplay)
Directed by:Mike Judge

Plot:The owner of a factory that produces flavor extracts, Joel Reynold seems to have it all, but really doesn't. What's missing is sexual attention from his wife, Suzie. Joel hatches a convoluted plan to get Suzie to cheat on him, thereby clearing the way for Joel to have an affair with Cindy, an employee. But what Joel doesn't know is that Cindy is a sociopathic con artist, and a freak workplace accident clears the way for her to ruin Joel forever.

Office Space Script

Script by:Mike Judge (Author), Mike Judge (Writer), Mike Judge (Screenplay)
Directed by:Mike Judge

Plot:Peter is a drone for a software company well on his way to a nervous breakdown when a hypnosis mishap opens his eyes. He becomes so apathetic toward his job that he can't even muster up the energy to quit. His new no-work ethic is mistaken by a pair of corporate headhunters as "middle-management potential," and he is promoted as his pals Michael and Samir are laid off. Frustrated in his attempts to be down-sized, Peter hatches a plot to embezzle the company.

Beavis and Butt-head Do America Script

Script by:Mike Judge (Author), Joe Stillman (Author), Mike Judge (Screenplay), Joe Stillman (Screenplay), John Rice (Storyboard), Ray daSilva (Storyboard)
Directed by:Mike Judge

Plot:Mike Judge's slacker duo, Beavis and Butt-Head, wake to discover their TV has been stolen. Their search for a new one takes them on a clueless adventure across America where they manage to accidentally become America's most wanted.

Idiocracy Script

Script by:Mike Judge (Author), Mike Judge (Screenplay), Etan Cohen (Screenplay)
Directed by:Mike Judge

Plot:To test its top-secret Human Hibernation Project, the Pentagon picks the most average Americans it can find - an Army private and a prostitute - and sends them to the year 2505 after a series of freak events. But when they arrive, they find a civilization so dumbed-down that they're the smartest people around.