The True Story of Jesse James Script

Script by:Walter Newman (Screenplay), Nunnally Johnson (Screenplay)
Directed by:Nicholas Ray

Plot:Having fought with the Confederacy during the Civil War, Jesse James and his brother Frank dream of a farm life in Missouri. Harassed by Union sympathizers, they assemble a gang of outlaws, robbing trains and becoming folk heroes in the process. Jesse marries his sweetheart, Zee, and maintains an aura of domesticity, but after a group of lawmen launch an attack on his mother's house, Jesse plans one more great raid -- on a Minnesota bank.

The Grapes of Wrath Script

Script by:John Steinbeck (Author), Nunnally Johnson (Screenplay)
Directed by:John Ford

Plot:Tom Joad returns to his home after a jail sentence to find his family kicked out of their farm due to foreclosure. He catches up with them on his Uncle’s farm, and joins them the next day as they head for California and a new life... Hopefully.