The Prince Of Egypt Script

Script by:Philip LaZebnik (Screenplay), Nicholas Meyer (Screenplay)
Directed by:Brenda Chapman, Steve Hickner, Simon Wells

Plot:This is the extraordinary tale of two brothers named Moses and Ramses, one born of royal blood, and one an orphan with a secret past. Growing up the best of friends, they share a strong bond of free-spirited youth and good-natured rivalry. But the truth will ultimately set them at odds, as one becomes the ruler of the most powerful empire on earth, and the other the chosen leader of his people! Their final confrontation will forever change their lives and the world.

Mulan Script

Script by:Rita Hsiao (Screenplay), Chris Sanders (Screenplay), Philip LaZebnik (Screenplay), Raymond Singer (Screenplay), Eugenia Bostwick-Singer (Screenplay)
Directed by:Tony Bancroft, Barry Cook

Plot:A tomboyish girl disguises herself as a young man so she can fight with the Imperial Chinese Army against the invading Huns. With help from wise-cracking dragon Mushu, Mulan just might save her country -- and win the heart of handsome Captain Li Shang.

Pocahontas Script

Script by:Carl Binder (Screenplay), Susannah Grant (Screenplay), Philip LaZebnik (Screenplay), Chris Buck (Story)
Directed by:Mike Gabriel, Eric Goldberg

Plot:Pocahontas, daughter of a Native American tribe chief, falls in love with an English soldier as colonists invade 17th century Virginia.