Leprechaun 2 Script

Script by:Mark Jones (Characters), Turi Meyer (Author), Al Septien (Author)
Directed by:Rodman Flender

Plot:A thousand years ago, the Leprechaun left a bloody trail when he ripped through the countryside in search of his stolen gold. Now he's back in the big city using all of his deadly tricks to snare the girl of his nightmares. His bloody quest becomes more deadly when her boyfriend steals one of the Leprechaun's gold coins. The town soon discovers two dead bodies and a trail of gold dust leads them to the Leprechaun's lair.

Idle Hands Script

Script by:Terri Hughes (Author), Ron Milbauer (Author)
Directed by:Rodman Flender, Christian P. Della Penna

Plot:Anton is a cheerful but exceedingly non-ambitious 17-year-old stoner who lives to stay buzzed, watch TV, and moon over Molly, the beautiful girl who lives next door. However, it turns out that the old cliché about idle hands being the devil's playground has a kernel of truth after all.