The Big Tease Script

Script by:Craig Ferguson (Writer), Sacha Gervasi (Writer)
Directed by:Kevin Allen

Plot:Thinking he's competing in Los Angeles' hot Platinum Scissors contest, Scottish hairstylist Crawford (Craig Ferguson) leaves Glasgow with a film crew to capture the event. When he learns he's a mere audience member, Crawford must find a way to become the mane event. Abhorrent Norwegian Stig is his stiff-as-gel competition. Drew Carey and others make cameo appearances in this hysterical mockumentar

Hitchcock Script

Script by:John J. McLaughlin (Screenplay), Stephen Rebello (Screenplay), Stephen Rebello (Novel)
Directed by:Sacha Gervasi

Plot:HITCHCOCK follows the relationship between director Alfred Hitchcock and his wife Alma Reville during the making of his most famous film, PSYCHO, and the trials and tribulations the director faced from Hollywood censors.

The Terminal Script

Script by:Sacha Gervasi (Screenplay), Jeff Nathanson (Screenplay)
Directed by:Steven Spielberg

Plot:Viktor Navorski is a man without a country; his plane took off just as a coup d'etat exploded in his homeland, leaving it in shambles, and now he's stranded at Kennedy Airport, where he's holding a passport that nobody recognizes. While quarantined in the transit lounge until authorities can figure out what to do with him, Viktor simply goes on living – and courts romance with a beautiful flight attendant.