Muppets From Space Script

Script by:Jerry Juhl (Screenplay)
Directed by:Tim Hill

Plot:When Gonzo's breakfast cereal tells him that he's the descendant of aliens from another planet, his attempts at extraterrestrial communication get him kidnapped by a secret government agency, prompting the Muppets to spring into action. It's hard to believe Gonzo's story at first, but Kermit and friends soon find themselves on an epic journey into outer space filled with plenty of intergalactic misadventures.

Max Keeble’s Big Move Script

Script by:Jonathan Bernstein (Screenplay), Mark Blackwell (Screenplay), James Greer (Screenplay)
Directed by:Tim Hill

Plot:Max Keeble, the victim of his 7th grade class, plots revenge when he learns he's moving; it backfires when he doesn't move after all.