A Kiss to Die For Script

Script by:Deborah Dalton (Writer)
Directed by:Leon Ichaso

Plot:William, a Harvard psychology professor is having trouble dealing with life after the death of his wife when he meets a beautiful woman named Ali. As their relationship grows, he begins to question her secretive past, which he discovers is linked to a series of murders that the police are investigating. Tim Matheson (Animal House, The West Wing) stars.

Bloodstone: Subspecies II Script

Script by:Charles Band (Writer), Ted Nicolaou (Writer)
Directed by:Ted Nicolaou

Plot:Continuing after the first "Subspecies", a woman who has just become a vampire tries to escape the evil vampire, Radu, who seeks her as his love interest. But she has taken the vampire family's bloodstone, and now Radu must find her to get it back. While her sister comes to Romania to save her soul. It might be to late....

Boy Meets Girl Script

Script by:Ray Brady (Writer), Jim Crosbie (Writer)
Directed by:Ray Brady

Plot:A woman picks a man up in a bar and takes him back to her place. He thinks he is going to get laid, she has over plans. She proceeds to drug him and incarcerate him in a chair in her basement before torturing him, physically and phycologically. It starts as an S&M excercise and goes to somewhere much much darker.

Cavalcade Script

Script by:Noël Coward (Screenplay), Noël Coward (Novel), Noël Coward (Writer), Reginald Berkeley (Screenplay), Reginald Berkeley (Writer)
Directed by:Frank Lloyd

Plot:A cavalcade of English life from New Year's Eve 1899 until 1933 seen through the eyes of well-to-do Londoners Jane and Robert Marryot. Amongst events touching their family are the Boer War, the death of Queen Victoria, the sinking of the Titanic and the Great War.

Channels Script

Directed by:Nat Christian

Plot:A writer/producer is about to make a big career jump and has a lot of activity going on in his life. But, emotionally, he's dead. Through a fantastical event, he meets someone. They fall in love. She wants to defy logic and hop on the passing train of time with him. He lets his mind rationalize and hesitates. She is gone and he finds himself in a desperate race to get her back. Will the magic that brought them together be strong enough to reunite them, or is it too long?

Chicken Every Sunday Script

Script by:Julius J. Epstein (Theatre Play), Philip G. Epstein (Theatre Play), George Seaton (Writer), Valentine Davies (Writer)
Directed by:George Seaton

Plot:A woman takes in boarders to support her husband's harebrained financial schemes.

Crazy as Hell Script

Directed by:Eriq La Salle

Plot:A famous psychiatrist (Ty Adams) takes on the job of trying to cure patients at the Sedah State Hospital, run by it's folksy doctor (Sam Delazo). All this takes a strange turn when a mysterious patient (Satan, he calls himself) enters the Hospital seeking help. Or is it just help that he wants?