One In A Million Script

Script by:Leonard Praskins (Screenplay), Mark Kelly (Screenplay)
Directed by:Sidney Lanfield

Plot:American theatrical manager (Menjou) discovers Henie preparing for the Olympics in Switzerland and brings her to Madison Square Garden.

Captain January Script

Script by:Laura E. Richards (Story), Sam Hellman (Screenplay), Gladys Lehman (Screenplay), Harry Tugend (Screenplay)
Directed by:David Butler

Plot:Shirley lives with a lighthouse keeper (Kibbee) who rescued her when her parents drowned. A truant officer (Haden) decides she should go to boarding school, but she's rescued by relatives. Buddy Ebsen dances "At The Codfish Ball" with Shirley.

Naughty Marietta Script

Script by:Rida Johnson Young (Novel), John Lee Mahin (Screenplay), Frances Goodrich (Screenplay), Albert Hackett (Screenplay)
Directed by:Robert Z. Leonard, W.S. Van Dyke

Plot:A French princess in Colonial America gets involved with a mercenary.

Man Who Broke The Bank At Monte Carlo Script

Script by:Nunnally Johnson (Writer), Howard Smith (Writer), Ilya Surguchev (Theatre Play), Frederick Albert Swan (Theatre Play)
Directed by:Montagu Love, Stephen Roberts

Plot:Russian prince goes to Monte Carlo just after World War I with money supplied him by Parisian Russians. He wins but the casino operators want him honor the tradition of returning to the tables.

Zoo In Budapest Script

Directed by:Rowland V. Lee

Plot:Zani is an unusual young man who has spent his entire life in a zoo in Budapest. His only true friends are the zoo's animals. When Zani meets Eve, a young orphan girl, they fall in love. To be together Eve must somehow escape from her strict orphan school. When she does she and Zani must hide overnight in the zoo - where everyone is looking to find them.

Captured! Script

Script by:Roy Del Ruth (Story), Edward Chodorov (Screenplay)
Directed by:Roy Del Ruth

Plot:While waiting out World War I in a German POW camp, Captain Fred Allison discovers that his oldest and dearest friend Digby has also been captured and put into the same camp with him. Fred longs for news of his wife, Monica, but Digby speaks little of her. Digby knows a secret about Monica, a secret he must keep from his friend, and it wears at his conscience so much that he attempts a reckless escape.

Bombshell (1933) Script

Script by:John Lee Mahin (Screenplay), Jules Furthman (Screenplay), Caroline Francke (Theatre Play), Mack Crane (Theatre Play)
Directed by:Victor Fleming

Plot:A glamorous film star rebels against the studio, her pushy press agent and a family of hangers-on.

The Mask Of Fu Manchu Script

Script by:Sax Rohmer (Novel), Irene Kuhn (Screenplay), Edgar Allan Woolf (Screenplay), John Willard (Screenplay)
Directed by:Charles Brabin, Charles Vidor

Plot:The villainous Dr. Fu Manchu races against a team of Englishmen to find the tomb of Ghengis Khan, because he wants to use the relics to cause an uprising in the East to wipe out the white race.