The Peacemaker Script

Script by:Michael Schiffer (Screenplay)
Directed by:Mimi Leder

Plot:When a train carrying atomic warheads mysteriously crashes in the former Soviet Union, a nuclear specialist discovers the accident is really part of a plot to cover up the theft of the weapons. Assigned to help her recover the missing bombs is a crack Special Forces Colonel.

Pay It Forward Script

Script by:Catherine Ryan Hyde (Screenplay), Leslie Dixon (Screenplay)
Directed by:Mimi Leder

Plot:Like some other kids, 12-year-old Trevor McKinney believed in the goodness of human nature. Like many other kids, he was determined to change the world for the better. Unlike most other kids, he succeeded.

Deep Impact Script

Script by:Bruce Joel Rubin (Screenplay), Michael Tolkin (Screenplay)
Directed by:Mimi Leder

Plot:A seven-mile-wide space rock is hurtling toward Earth, threatening to obliterate the planet. Now, it's up to the president of the United States to save the world. He appoints a tough-as-nails veteran astronaut to lead a joint American-Russian crew into space to destroy the comet before impact. Meanwhile, an enterprising reporter uses her smarts to uncover the scoop of the century.