Puppet Master Script

Script by:Charles Band (Story), David Schmoeller (Screenplay), Kenneth J. Hall (Story)
Directed by:David Schmoeller

Plot:Toulon, a puppet maker, discovers an ancient Egyptian potion and uses it to bring his creations to life. His puppets become murderous little demons and escape. Distraught, the master takes his life. Years later, psychics tune into the existence of the monstrous marionettes and set off to stop them.

The Day Time Ended Script

Script by:Wayne Schmidt (Screenplay), J. Larry Carroll (Screenplay), David Schmoeller (Screenplay)
Directed by:John 'Bud' Carlos

Plot:A small family relocates to the Sonoran Desert, to be closer to the grandparents of the family. Though there are news reports of a spectacular triple supernova, and the young granddaughter has seen a glowing alien construction behind the barn, the family is at ease until, one night, a UFO soars over head and appears to land in the nearby hills. Apparently, the triple supernova has opened a rift in space and time.