Conrack Script

Script by:Harriet Frank Jr. (Writer), Irving Ravetch (Writer), Pat Conroy (Novel)
Directed by:Martin Ritt

Plot:A young, white teacher is assigned to an isolated island off the coast of South Carolina populated mostly by poor black families. He finds that the basically illiterate, neglected children there know so little of the world outside their island.

Hombre Script

Script by:Elmore Leonard (Novel), Irving Ravetch (Writer), Harriet Frank Jr. (Writer)
Directed by:Martin Ritt

Plot:John Russell, disdained by his "respectable" fellow stagecoach passengers because he was raised by Indians, becomes their only hope for survival when they are set upon by outlaws.

Norma Rae Script

Script by:Irving Ravetch (Screenplay), Harriet Frank Jr. (Screenplay)
Directed by:Martin Ritt

Plot:Norma Rae is a southern textile worker employed in a factory with intolerable working conditions. This concern about the situation gives her the gumption to be the key associate to a visiting labor union organizer. Together, they undertake the difficult, and possibly dangerous, struggle to unionize her factory.