The Fixer Script

Script by:Dalton Trumbo (Screenplay), Bernard Malamud (Novel)
Directed by:John Frankenheimer

Plot:Set in tsarist Russia around the turn of the century and based on a true story of a Russian Jewish peasant Yakov Bog who was wrongly imprisoned for a most unlikely crime - the “ritual murder” of a Gentile child in Kiev. We witness the unrelenting detail of the peasant-handyman's life in prison and see him gain in dignity as the efforts to humiliate him and make him confess fail.

Black Sunday Script

Script by:Thomas Harris (Novel), Ernest Lehman (Screenplay), Kenneth Ross (Screenplay), Ivan Moffat (Screenplay)
Directed by:John Frankenheimer

Plot:An Israeli anti-terrorist agent must stop a disgruntled Vietnam vet cooperating in a plot to commit a terrorist plot at the Super Bowl.

The Island of Dr. Moreau Script

Script by:Richard Stanley (Screenplay), H. G. Wells (Novel)
Directed by:John Frankenheimer

Plot:A shipwrecked sailor stumbles upon a mysterious island and is shocked to discover that a brilliant scientist and his lab assistant have found a way to combine human and animal DNA with horrific results.

Reindeer Games (2000) Script

Script by:Ehren Kruger (Screenplay)
Directed by:John Frankenheimer

Plot:After assuming his dead cellmate's identity to get with his girlfriend, an ex-con finds himself the reluctant participant in a casino heist.

Year of the Gun Script

Script by:Michael Mewshaw (Novel), David Ambrose (Screenplay)
Directed by:John Frankenheimer

Plot:In this thriller, American novelist David Raybourne (Andrew McCarthy) accidentally becomes entangled in the Red Brigade's terrorist plan to kidnap Italian Premier Aldo Moro during a research trip to Rome. As the terrorists attempt to kill David, he and his photojournalist friend (Sharon Stone) must struggle to stay alive.

French Connection II Script

Script by:Alexander Jacobs (Screenplay), Robert Dillon (Screenplay), Laurie Dillon (Screenplay)
Directed by:John Frankenheimer

Plot:"Popeye" Doyle travels to Marsailles to find Alain Charnier, the drug smuggler that eluded him in New York.

Ronin Script

Script by:J.D. Zeik (Screenplay), David Mamet (Screenplay), J.D. Zeik (Story)
Directed by:John Frankenheimer

Plot:A briefcase with undisclosed contents – sought by Irish terrorists and the Russian mob – makes its way into criminals' hands. An Irish liaison assembles a squad of mercenaries, or 'ronin', and gives them the thorny task of recovering the case.