Back To The Beach Script

Script by:Peter Krikes (Writer), Steve Meerson (Writer), Chris Thompson (Writer), Lou Rusoff (Characters)
Directed by:Lyndall Hobbs

Plot:Cowabunga! The surfing '60s ride into the new wave as Frankie and Annette star in this hip update of their old-time, good-time beach movies. With special appearances by Bob Denver, Tony Dow, Pee-Wee Herman, Jerry Mathers and other familiar faces. Frankie and Annette grow up and have kids in the midwest. They return to LA to visit their daughter who is shacked up with her boyfriend and tries to hide the fact. They begin to have marriage problems when Frankie runs into Connie, who has erected a shrine to him in her night club. Their punk son has joined up with the local surf toughs, and things all come to a head when the toughs challenge the good guys to a surfing duel

The She-Creature Script

Script by:Jerry Zigmond (Idea), Lou Rusoff (Story), Lou Rusoff (Screenplay)
Directed by:Edward L. Cahn

Plot:A mysterious hypnotist (Chester Morris) reverts his beautiful assistant (Marla English) back into the form of a prehistoric sea monster that she was in a past life.

Day The World Ended Script

Script by:Lou Rusoff (Screenplay), Lou Rusoff (Story)
Directed by:Roger Corman

Plot:After a nuclear attack, an unlikely group of survivors, including a geologist, a crook and his moll, and a prospector, find temporary shelter in the remote-valley home of a survivalist and his beautiful daughter, but soon have to deal with the spread of radioactivity - and its effects on animal life, including humans.