First Monday In October Script

Script by:Robert E. Lee (Screenplay), Robert E. Lee (Theatre Play), Jerome Lawrence (Theatre Play), Jerome Lawrence (Screenplay)
Directed by:Ronald Neame

Plot:For the first time in history a woman is appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court, where she becomes a friendly rival to a liberal associate.

Hopscotch Script

Script by:Brian Garfield (Screenplay), Bryan Forbes (Screenplay), Brian Garfield (Author)
Directed by:Ronald Neame

Plot:When CIA operative Miles Kendig deliberately lets KGB agent Yaskov get away, his boss threatens to retire him. Kendig beats him to it, however, destroying his own records and traveling to Austria where he begins work on a memoir that will expose all his former agency's covert practices. The CIA catches wind of the book and sends other agents after him, initiating a frenetic game of cat and mouse that spans the globe.

The Man Who Never Was Script

Script by:Ewen Montagu (Novel), Nigel Balchin (Screenplay)
Directed by:Ronald Neame

Plot:The true story of a British effort to trick the Germans into weakening Sicily's defenses before the 1943 attack. A dead soldier is dressed as a British officer and outfitted with faked papers showing that the Allies were intending to invade occupied Greece. His body is put into the sea where it will ultimately drift ashore and the papers be passed along to German Intelligence.

The Poseidon Adventure (1972) Script

Script by:Paul Gallico (Novel), Wendell Mayes (Screenplay), Stirling Silliphant (Screenplay)
Directed by:Ronald Neame

Plot:The Poseidon Adventure was one of the first Catastrophe films and began the Disaster Film genre. Director Neame tells the story of a group of people that must fight for their lives aboard a sinking ship. Based on the novel by Paul Gallico.