Chicken Every Sunday Script

Script by:Julius J. Epstein (Theatre Play), Philip G. Epstein (Theatre Play), George Seaton (Writer), Valentine Davies (Writer)
Directed by:George Seaton

Plot:A woman takes in boarders to support her husband's harebrained financial schemes.

For Heaven’s Sake Script

Script by:Harry Segall (Theatre Play), Dorothy Segall (Theatre Play), George Seaton (Writer)
Directed by:George Seaton

Plot:An angel takes on human form in order to persuade a theatrical couple to finally consummate their child that has been waiting to be born.

Junior Miss Script

Script by:Sally Benson (Novel)
Directed by:George Seaton

Plot:A Manhattan family's Christmas season turns topsy-turvy when 13-year-old Judy Graves (Peggy Ann Garner) mistakenly thinks her newly-arrived visiting uncle has just been released from prison. Director George Seaton's 1945 comedy, adapted from the hit Broadway play, also features Allyn Joslyn, John Alexander, Sylvia Field, Mona Freeman, Connie Gilchrist, Barbara Whiting, Faye Marlowe, Michael Dunne, Scotty Beckett, Stanley Prager and Ruby Dandridge.

The Proud and Profane Script

Script by:Lucy Herndon Crockett (Novel), George Seaton (Screenplay), George Seaton (Story)
Directed by:George Seaton

Plot:In this romantic drama, beautiful Red Cross volunteer Lee Ashley (Deborah Kerr) arrives on the South Pacific island of New Caledonia to learn more about the circumstances surrounding the death of her husband, Howard, in the Battle of Guadalcanal. There, Ashley falls for the gruff, seductive Marine Lt. Col. Colin Buck (William Holden), but struggle and tragedy follow when the widow learns about the reality of Buck's life back home.