The Hunt for Red October Script

Script by:Tom Clancy (Novel), Larry Ferguson (Screenplay), Donald Stewart (Screenplay)
Directed by:John McTiernan

Plot:A new, technologically-superior Soviet sub, the Red October, is heading for the U.S. coast under the command of Captain Marko Ramius. The American government thinks Ramius is planning to attack. A lone CIA analyst has a different idea: he thinks Ramius is planning to defect, but he has only a few hours to find him and prove it — because the entire Russian naval and air commands are trying to find him, too.

Sum of All Fears Script

Script by:Tom Clancy (Screenplay), Daniel Pyne (Screenplay), Paul Attanasio (Screenplay)
Directed by:Phil Alden Robinson

Plot:When the president of Russia suddenly dies, a man whose politics are virtually unknown succeeds him. The change in political leaders sparks paranoia among American CIA officials, so CIA director Bill Cabot recruits a young analyst to supply insight and advice on the situation. Then the unthinkable happens: a nuclear bomb explodes in a U.S. city, and America is quick to blame the Russians.

Patriot Games Script

Script by:Tom Clancy (Author), W. Peter Iliff (Screenplay), Donald Stewart (Screenplay)
Directed by:Phillip Noyce

Plot:When CIA Analyst Jack Ryan interferes with an IRA assassination, a renegade faction targets Jack and his family as revenge.

Clear and Present Danger Script

Script by:Tom Clancy (Author), Steven Zaillian (Screenplay), John Milius (Screenplay)
Directed by:Phillip Noyce

Plot:CIA Analyst Jack Ryan is drawn into an illegal war fought by the US government against a Colombian drug cartel.